The National Blades 2023-2024 Try-Outs have ended, and the team is excited to welcome new skaters.  Coach Teresa will email all the skaters who tried out with placement information and instructions on signing up for Spring Skills classes and choreography camp.

Skaters were evaluated based on their skills during tryouts and placed in appropriate synchronized skating levels for the upcoming season. Skaters' team placement may be adjusted for the final team placement at the mandatory summer camp, depending on their individual skill level.

Below is more information regarding tryouts and other important information.


Skaters should come to the try-outs with:

  • Black leggings
  • fitted top jacket (if needed)
  • gloves (if needed)
  • Hair pulled back neatly into a ponytail or bun

It is important to come dressed appropriately for tryouts so that the coaches can properly evaluate your skills and potential for the team.


The synchronized skating season starts with Spring Training in March, continues in August with the Synchronized Choreography camp, and ends in mid-February.  During this time, skaters are placed on teams according to their ages and skill levels, and their placement may be adjusted at the Summer Camp, depending on their individual skill levels.

Teams practice weekly or twice a week from September through February, with the frequency of practices depending on the team level. Skaters must also continue their Learn to Skate classes or lessons for their respective levels throughout the skating season.

All teams attend at least four competitions or performances per season. A competition schedule is made by the end of the Spring Skills training so that all skaters and their families are aware of upcoming competitions. If anyone has questions about skill level requirements or available spots for the 2023-2024 season, they can email Teresa Yuengert [email protected].