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Teresa Yuengert
Head Coach

Teresa Yuengert is a highly experienced and accomplished figure skating coach who serves as the owner, program administrator and head coach of the National Blades Synchronized Skating Teams. With over 27 years of experience as a USFS and PSA registered/accredited coach for both synchronized and singles skating, she has dedicated her career to helping skaters of all ages and abilities achieve their goals.

Teresa was a regional and sectional competitor in both singles and synchronized skating, and brings a wealth of experience to the National Blades team in synchronized team choreography, moves in the field, and freestyle. Her expertise and guidance have helped the National Blades to achieve great success over the years.

In addition to her coaching career, Teresa graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a degree in Nuclear Medical Technology and is a licensed Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer specializing in obstetric sonograms. Her dedication to both her coaching and medical career is a testament to her hard work and commitment to excellence.

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