The mission of the National Blades is to promote synchronized skating as an activity that builds character and camaraderie within the sport of figure skating. Our goal is to foster teamwork and dedication among our skaters, helping them to develop not only as athletes but as individuals.


Under the direction of Head Coach Teresa Yuengert, former singles and synchro skater from the Detroit area, the National Blades coaching staff includes skaters from all disciplines, including singles, dance, pairs, and synchronized skating. Our coaching team is dedicated to providing our skaters with the best possible training environment and helping them to achieve their goals.


The National Blades have a variety of teams at different levels of competition. Our Aspire levels are beginner levels of synchronized skating and compete at non-qualifying competitions. Preliminary, Pre-Juvenile, and Open Juvenile are introductory competitive levels that also compete at non-qualifying competitions and enter their respective sectional championships. 

Our qualifying teams, Juvenile and above, compete at both non-qualifying and qualifying sectionals in order to qualify for the United States Synchronized Skating Championships. We are proud to have teams at all levels, allowing skaters of all ages and abilities to experience the camaraderie and excitement of synchronized skating.

Aspire Snowplow

Theme: Candy
Song: Pure imagination, Candy Man, I Want Candy
Dress: The Line Up

Aspire Preliminary

Theme: Dynamite
Song: Dynamite by Tao Cruz, Dynamite by BTS
Dress: The Line Up


Theme: Hero
Song: We Could be Heros - Zootopia 
Dress: The Line Up

Pre Juvenile

Theme: Rhythm
Song: The Rhythm is Gonna Get You and The Rhythm of the Night
Dress: The Line Up

Open Juvenile

Theme: Cha Cha
Song: Soul Cha Cha, Cha Cha Heels Cha Cha 
Dress: The Line Up

Open Adult